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Generating an invoice

In the GZM Transport System, users can generate invoices for their purchased tickets independently using the Mobile Application or the Customer Portal. The system generates the invoice as a PDF file, which can be saved on the phone, computer disk, or printed using the Portal.

desktop_windows How to generate an invoice?

Log in to your account and click on "Transactions" from the main menu.

From the list of transactions (purchased tickets), select the items for which you want to receive an invoice, then click "Generate Invoice."

You will be directed to the "Invoice Details" tab, where you need to fill in all the required form fields. You can save the provided invoice details in the system for future use by clicking "Save for later use." Alternatively, you can register the details by clicking "Register Details," which will allow you to avoid filling out the form when generating invoices in the future.


After completing the form, confirm the selected items by clicking "Generate Invoice."


You will be redirected to the list of invoices, from where you can download them.


You can also automatically generate an invoice during the ticket purchase process. To do this, in the ticket purchase basket, click "I want to receive an invoice."



smartphone How to generate an invoice?

Log in to your account and select "Your Account" (the silhouette icon of a person) in the bottom right corner. Then choose "Transactions."

From the available transactions, you can generate an invoice. An invoice can be generated for individual or multiple selected transactions.


After selecting the item for which you want to generate an invoice, choose "Preview" next to the "Invoice" field.


Fill in the form fields and select "Generate Invoice." The generated invoice will be displayed, with the option to download the document.