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How to register a ticket using a ride package?

To activate a ride from your purchased ride package ticket, use the Transport GZM application.

desktop_windows Using a previously purchased ride package ticket.

smartphone Using a previously purchased ride package ticket.

If you have a package ticket on your account, you can "Use" it by scanning the QR code inside the vehicle.


To do this, click on the QR code scanner icon located on the bottom navigation bar of the app and scan the QR code.


If the QR code is unreadable, blurred, damaged, or if you cannot conveniently use the scanner in the vehicle, manually enter the six-digit code from the sticker. To do this, select "Enter Code."


After successfully scanning the QR code or entering the six-digit code from the displayed list of tickets, select the available package ticket. This will "Use" it and activate it. At the same time, the number of available rides on this ticket will decrease by one.